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The Blue Feather Inc.

So many words scurrying through my head So many words that remained unsaid. Fanciful words not making any sense Words unsaid....that make me so tense. How do I put them....into a rhyme, How do I declare them right, at this time? Fanciful, perfect, just what you'd want to hear Words with the power to make you feel dear. Declaring, in statement, just how I feel, Letting you know that my feelings are real. So when you read this...Read between the lines And you might untangle the unreadable signs. Of feelings unmentioned, of feelings unsaid, So read over these words you've already read Denied or unmentioned...the feelings are real So read over know how I feel. --FEELINGS-- by Miss Caroline this is a community where everyone can come and express their feelings , those feelings which we wanted to share but we couldn't, those words which had meant a lot but just couldn't tell at the right time.....

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